Don’t worry.  This post has nothing to do with a bloody medical procedure. Quite the opposite.  Sorry if the title is misleading.  I know that’s what you were hoping for.  I will spare you from most of the gross medical stories Mr. Dr. comes home with until we all get to know each other a little better.  This is about a different kind of Bloody.  The kind that comes in a glass.  Yep, you guessed it.  Bloody Marys.  I love me a good Bloody Mary (aka: BM).  Yes, I like to abbreviate everything.  A good BM is made with vodka, tomato juice and any other additional mystery ingredients one decides to include.  Recently, on his off days, Mr. Dr. and I have been going on a search for the “best” BM in the city.  I use that term lightly as I think the “best” can be different for everyone.  Some may like extra spicy, some may like it not too hot, some may even prefer V8 & vodka in a glass as their BM of choice.  Anyway, we have tried a few restaurants in the city that claim to have one of the “best.”  Here is one of our experiences.

Classic BM and Chicago Matchbox BM at Prune

Here we are at brunch.  Besides the fact that we had to wait an hour to get seated at noon on a Saturday (what happened to people sleeping in and going to brunch at 2!?) we thought this place was a decent spot.  Mr. Dr.’s BM was nothing short of a large snack mixed with a cocktail (his is on the right)- ingredients included lemon vodka, tomato juice, brussel sprouts, turnips, caperberries, green beans and radishes. Wow right?  My initial thought was “Well I guess they add all that crap to disguise the fact that it’s probably not that good.”  I decided to go with the classic BM that they offer – made with Absolute vodka, tomato juice, celery and lemon.  Keep in mind, the menu had about 10 different variations of the classic BM.  I figured, if I got the classic, I would be able to rate it fairly as opposed to getting one with all of the bells and whistles.  Well, after the taste test, I am a little sad to report that it was just OK.  After the unappetizing thought of considering trying Mr. Dr.’s I went for it anyway because I felt mine was so bland I needed a redemption.  Turns out, his was much more flavorful and if I had to do it over again, I would probably order one of the BM’s will all the extra pizazz.  They look good in the picture, I think even better than they tasted.

The best part of these Bloodies was the shot of red stripe lager that they give you to “cleanse your palette.”  Look I don’t care what a restaurant’s reasoning is for giving you a shot of beer with a cocktail, but I’ll take it.  And I must say, after indulging in my not so flavorful BM, that shot of beer came in quite handy to cleanse the palette.  Mr. Dr. and I always talk about how finding a good one is hard in the city even with all of these restaurants.  But I partially know why.  I’m biased.  To this day, the best BM I have ever had (and many friends and family members can attest to this) is undeniably my dad’s.  I kid you not, he makes the meanest, most delicious BM I have ever set my lips on.  I won’t give up his complete secret recipe but I will divulge the key ingredient.  If you like BMs and haven’t made one with Zing Zang mix, get your sweet tush to the store and buy it.  It is the perfect zesty blend of tomato juice and other ‘stuff’, to make your mouth water when mixed with vodka.  Even if you don’t think you like BMs, make one with this and I promise you will be hooked.  The website says its award winning which is no surprise but award winning or not, this the best stuff around.  Trust me.   Anyway, onto the next spot of testing for Mr. Dr. and I –  hoping to find one that compares to the Zang.  Happy Bloody Drinking!